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bug#27537: [PATCH 6/6] gnu: Add Axoloti.

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: bug#27537: [PATCH 6/6] gnu: Add Axoloti.
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2017 16:57:55 +0200
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Ricardo Wurmus <address@hidden> writes:

>> * gnu/packages/axoloti.scm: New file.
>> * gnu/packages/patches/libusb-for-axoloti.patch: New file.
>> * gnu/ (dist_patch_DATA): Add patch.
>> (GNU_SYSTEM_MODULES): Add module.
> Annoyingly, this package appears to have a couple of problems, so I’ll
> send an update version later.  The Java dependencies in this series
> should be okay, though.

I fixed a problem in “java-jgit” and pushed an updated version of the
Axoloti patch with the “axoloti” package split into “axoloti-runtime”
and “axoloti-patcher”.


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