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[bug#33214] Video Documentation for GNU GUIX (an Outreachy project)

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: [bug#33214] Video Documentation for GNU GUIX (an Outreachy project)
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2018 14:31:54 +0100

Hi Lakshmi,

On Fri, 2 Nov 2018 18:25:49 +0530
Lakshmi Prasannakumar <address@hidden> wrote:

> Sure, I'll rebase it to the current master and try to bring in the
> change for commit message .
> Regards,

(For the reference, applied it on top of
7b63047c943a68717b1fc21dc078e44c2415e694 where it applies without trouble).

I have some more remarks:

* Could you please keep the bug-tracker on CC. In that way other people
can follow the discussions and it is saved for later reference. That is
especially useful if the patch gets forgotten and is only later being
picked up again (though I don't think that will be the case here):


* As Gabor already said, the period "." was missing. See other commit
messages to get used to the strict rules.

* License field should look like this:

  (license license:gpl2+)))

I.e. it is prefixed  by "license:". That is because in line 31 the
license module was imported with that prefix:

  #:use-module ((guix licenses) #:prefix license:)

Some package modules use this syntax to prevent namespace pollution,
others not.

* Did you execute `guix lint` before submitting the patch? I have
found some linter complaints:

/home/bjoern/guix/guix/gnu/packages/cran.scm:6652:0: address@hidden: sentences 
in description should be followed by two spaces; possible infractions at 197, 
/home/bjoern/guix/guix/gnu/packages/cran.scm:6652:0: address@hidden: line 6671 
is way too long (468 characters)

* The first one just means what it says. That is because the
descriptions use texinfo syntax and there are two spaces used.

* The second can be solved by breaking long lines of the description
before 80 characters. See how it was done in other packages above.

* Homepage:

gnu/packages/cran.scm:6652:0: address@hidden: permanent redirect 

So please add a trailing "/" to the URL.

Also could you use "https"? instead of just plain "http"? We use the
encrypted URL wherever it is available.

* I'm currently trying to build it but that looks like it takes more
time than usual because substitutes are missing. If anything goes
wrong, I will report back. Did you try to build the package?

Thank you,


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