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[Gzz-commits] fw: I dont think you know about this

From: Frances Beaver
Subject: [Gzz-commits] fw: I dont think you know about this
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 17:18:02 +0180


Get GDKI First Thing Today, This Is Going To Explode!

Check out for HOT NEWS!!!


Company Profile

Goldmark Industries, specializes in the production and distribution of 
Music, Feature Fillms and Television entertainment for North America's 
most rapidly growing demographic, with a total consumer-based 
purchasing power of over 1 Tri||ion dollars: the Hip-Hop community.


Goldmark Signs Platinum Selling Artist Frost as Vice President of Its Music 
Tuesday July 25, 8:48 am ET 

LOS ANGELES & VANCOUVER, British Columbia--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 25, 
2006--Goldmark Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets: GDKI - News), a rising Urban 
Entertainment force, is pleased to announce that the Company has enhanced its 
Executive Leadership with the addition of accomplished artist, Frost, as Vice 
President of the Music Division. Frost is very well respected by already 
established act and is looked at as a role model by up and coming talent. He 
was the pioneer of Latin Hip Hop, which has exploded, with the extremely 
popular, Regaetton over the past 4 years. Frost will serve as an ideal Vice 
President of Music Operations within Goldmark, due to his extensive musical 
knowledge, skills, history and experience. His presence on the Board of 
Executives will only serve to be advantageous to Goldmark's overall growth.
Frost -- originally known as Kid Frost -- was a pioneer in the field of Latin 
hip-hop, cutting some of its very first records and helping to bring exposure 
to other bilingual MCs. Pioneering Latino rapper Frost only gets better with 
age. The veteran East Los Angeles rapper, who became a hip-hop icon in 1990 
with his groundbreaking single "La Raza" has stepped up his game in the last 
decade, sharpening his lyrical skills and becoming an authority figure in the 
rap world. His success allowed such Latino rappers as Cypress Hill, Fat Joe, 
Big Pun to make substantial hip-hop inroads.

His music features a hard-hitting mix of hard-core hip-hop, smoothed out cuts 
for the ladies and laid-back songs for cruising. This versatility is one of 
Frost's strengths, something that keeps him fresh. "The thing keeps my name in 
people's mouths is that I keep reinventing myself," Frost explains. "I don't 
just keep on making the same music I want to take bilingual hip-hop a trend I 
was the forefront of one step further while still kicking vivid rhymes about 
the code of the streets with authenticity."

Frost is an original and knows about originality. Rapping since 1980 Frost 
scored his first record deal with Electrobeat Records thanks to the help of his 
long time mentor and friend Ice-T. When deciding on his name, Frost decided to 
model his moniker after that of the man who helped start his career, choosing 
Frost since Frost comes before ice. Then known as Kid Frost, Frost became a 
regular on the car show circuit in the mid 1980's. When he released "La Raza" 
and his debut album, "Hispanic Causing Panic" a few years later, his visibility 
exploded and helped the Lowrider culture thrive in Southern California and 
eventually Worldwide.

Frost says, "As I see the KRS-Ones and the LL Cool J's still in it, I won't 
budge. A lot of people might say that I'm too old. But I don't think it's your 
age or how you rap. It's your rap skills that keep you in the game. As long as 
we make that knocking Chevy music, we're going to stay in this rap game."

Frost is a more than welcome addition to Goldmark's Board of Executives.


GOLDMARK INDUSTRIES is committed to providing the best in all forms of urban 
entertainment to the 45 Million Hip-Hop consumers in North America. The average 
North American spends more on entertainment than they do on health care and 
clothing, making entertainment the most attractive industry for investors and 
advertisers alike. Goldmark Industries is preparing to stand at the forefront 
of the Hip Hop consumer market, specializing in all aspects of entertainment, 
including Music, Feature Films, Television, Home Video/DVD and Major Events. 
The strength of Goldmark Industries is the result of its highly reputable and 
continuously growing management team. The knowledge and experience that each 
team member brings consistently supports the growing success of each division 
at Goldmark Industries. In addition, they are associated with some of the 
world's leading entertainment companies and top distribution channels 
worldwide, providing Goldmark Industries with the relationships to continually 
move forward.

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