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[Gzz-commits] resolutely

From: Francis Goff
Subject: [Gzz-commits] resolutely
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 14:34:54 -0400

But I reckon you know Ill never go to another danceunless I can take you. Lucy took advantage of the moment, while she waschatting, to peep out of the window. Sometimes I dont savvy you, he said dubiously. On the last of these occasions, as he reached Lucys sideClara opened her eyes to see him. It was not possible then for Lucy to say what she thought. Yet they were compelledto farm to raise food for themselves and grain for horses and hogs. That checked all fun-loving impulses in Lucy. Lucy was hard put to it to remainin her seat; in fact, she succeeded only part of the time. A few acres slashed dontmake much of a hole in these woods. The children made it a play, a game,a delight, over which they screamed and fought. Reckon it would, but hes goin to do it, returned Mrs. Lucy thought thetransformation almost incredible. Then the other trees were as large in proportion. Wal, you know you played hob with the boys. Manifestly Edd was the captain of this bean-picking regiment. Wal, reckon were all heah, he said briskly. But Edd oughtnt to wait no longer, protested Mrs. An if thats all the baggage we can be movin along. You think maybe she oughtntgo with Joe because itll only make him worse. Yet withal they showedproficiency and industry. Lucy dispelled any idea thatthere was connection between the red and white beans and Mrs. Sam aint a-goin to, returned her husband. It doesnt matter how you feel about it, laughed Lucy. This wilderness, these backwoods people, willchange your whole outlook on life. This woodland differed from any she had visited.

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