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Re: [Health] A few questions about GNU Health workflow

From: Luis Falcon
Subject: Re: [Health] A few questions about GNU Health workflow
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 21:29:27 -0300

Hi Bashar

On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 7:59 PM, Bashar <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've already installed the health_invoice module :), so, for the financial
> matters, I will test all things and will report any issue to you latter on.
> Now, for the permissions issue, I created a group called Medicaments
> administration.and I added the user Admin and the pharmacist user to it.
> the access model is as follows:
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Drug Dose Unit"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Drug Form"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Drug Administration Route"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Recreational Drug"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Medicament"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Medicament Category"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Medication Common Frequencies"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Template for medication"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Make Medical Prescription Invoice
> Init"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Prescription Line"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Add Invoicing information to the
> Patient Prescription Order"
> "True"    "True"    "True"    "True"    "Patient Vaccination information"
> and the access menu is:
> "Health / Configuration / Medicaments / Medicaments"
> The issue is that the users in this group are still able to access and
> modify all the fields and tabs in the whole health module!.
> Should I create a group just for the "Whole health module"  to solve the
> issue or any other solutions?.
> I want the pharmacist be able just to add records in the medicaments tab and
> hence I must add the pharmacist user to the Product administration group
> too.
> what should I do to prevent the pharmacist from accessing other health
> module's tabs/configurations ??
Remember what I put in the prior mail... if the access group does not
exist, anyone will have access to the model, so you need to create
access permission groups ("profiles") so anyone that does not belong
to those groups won't be able to access the model.
I suggest you to do a small test with, for example, the patient model.
Create a test group call "patient admin demo" and assign the
health/patient menu and the gnuhealth.patient model. Assign it to the
"admin" user. You will notice that the pharmacist won't have access to


> Thanks in advance.....
> Best Regards
> Bashar

Luis Falcon
GNU Health

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