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[Health] GNU Health / Tryton Audit trail

From: Christoph H. Larsen
Subject: [Health] GNU Health / Tryton Audit trail
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 17:29:06 +0430
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Dear All,

I have, by now, encountered repeated requests for a full audit trail
with Tryton / GNU Health, and this seems to be entirely reasonable, both
for an ERP system, as well as an HMIS.
Now, You CAN already see, who was the last person accessing a record, by
going to the record, then clokc on the Menu -> View logs. However, this
only displays the creation date and creation user, plus last
modification date and last modification user.
If you remember the with medical records, every entry has to be signed
by the health care provider, this may well not be good enough.
So, it there any way to retrieve all record creation, access and
modification data (without digging into PostgreSQL's directly)?
Thanks a lot for any ideas!

Bests form Kabul,


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