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Re: [help-3dldf] (no subject)

From: Martijn van Manen
Subject: Re: [help-3dldf] (no subject)
Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 00:20:48 -0500

Hi Laurence and others,

I know that LaTeX can not be incorporated in texinfo.
I use LaTeX to easily write the thing. First write
it, then format it.
I wanted to discourage you from installing the whole
LaTeX tree because I noticed that in Debian, if you have
the full LaTeX ( I need this everyday ) and you install cweb,
you get trouble. Your LaTeX becomes dysfunctional. Same deal
the other way around. 
However I wonder. The way to get Metapost working with LaTeX
is to say 

export TEX=latex

in a shell and then you can use Metapost & LaTeX. I.e. you write

beginfig ....
endfig .....

Wouldn't it work the same way with texi2dvi?  



----- Original Message -----
From: "Laurence Finston" <address@hidden>
To: "Martijn van Manen" <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: [help-3dldf] (no subject)
Date: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 17:30:04 +0100

> Martijn van Manen wrote:
> > There remain A LOT OF ERRORS. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >
> > That is because the way I work, is that
> > I build it up gradually. But you also may want to know what is
> > going on, and that's why I send it to you.
> That's fine, and I am interested.
> > If you have any comments,
> > do not hesitate to e-mail me. In particular, if I am doing something
> > NOT USEFUL tell me what to spend my time on instead. All I do should
> > help you, when it doesn't, tell me.
> It is useful.  I've read through it quickly, without trying to
> understand the math, and with some revision, I think it would be
> very worthwhile to have this information in a future edition of
> the manual.
> > I will do the tex-info formatting if you wish and if it is not too much
> > work for you I'll sign an FSF document.
> It's not that much work for me, and even if it was, I would
> gladly do it.  The FSF considers free documentation to be very
> important, and so do I.
> > I don't have a job where I have to write
> > software, and I can always transfer copyrights to publishers, so
> > it will be enough if I sign it and I am willing to sign it.
> I'll send you a request form per email next week, when I have
> access to a UNIX machine again.  You will have to fill it out and
> send it to the FSF.  The copyright clerk will then send you forms
> per ordinary mail, which you will have to return to the FSF.
> I really appreciate your willingness to do this.
> With respect to your employer, I'll have to ask the copyright
> clerk whether you'll need a release or not.  I've read that it's
> not usually a problem.
> > You asked before for LaTeX source and PDF. So here they are.
> > You'll need the full TeX/LaTeX stuff to compile it. I experienced
> > that that interferes with CWEB.
> LaTeX is incompatible with Texinfo and CWEB.  I don't use LaTeX,
> so it would be helpful to me if you would use plain TeX.
> Texinfo formatting would also be helpful, but it wouldn't be that
> difficult for me to change plain TeX to Texinfo.  Please use
> plain TeX for math mode material of any length and/or complexity.
> It doesn't pay to try to use address@hidden' for it.
> There has been a bit of discussion on the address@hidden'
> mailing list about the 3DLDF manual recently, and there is likely
> to be more.  If anybody's interested, he or she can subscribe at:
> The archive is in:
> I bring up 3DLDF occassionally on the address@hidden'
> mailing list, so if anyone's interested in the parser, he or she
> may find it interesting to take a look at the archives.  The URLs
> are similar to the ones for `help-texinfo'.
> > And, again, all my apologies for the slow progress.
> I appreciate your help whether slow or fast.  Rewriting the
> manual would probably take months even under more favorable
> conditions.  As I write, I find things that need to be fixed or
> implemented.  I've found that I can learn new concepts,
> mathematical or otherwise, faster than I can implement new
> features.  "One tenth inspiration and nine tenths perspiration",
> as Thomas Edison said.
> I'm sorry about the delay in letting your posting through.  The mailing list
> administration software blocked it because of the size of the pdf file.
> However, it was nice for me to be able to look at it today.   In order to use
> a UNIX machine on Sundays, I have to go to the computer center, which is
> outside of town.
> Laurence

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