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[help-3dldf] Re: 3dldf Install trouble (kubuntu)]

From: Alexander J. Benavides
Subject: [help-3dldf] Re: 3dldf Install trouble (kubuntu)]
Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2007 10:38:29 -0500

Good Day ...

Thanks Mr Finston for answering that fast... :D

Well... I still can't get rid of this two lines...
scanprse.web: In function 'void* Scan_Parse::parse_func(void*)':
scanprse.web:451: error: 'yyparse' was not declared in this scope

I did 'make parser.o' and goes fine...
after that i try unsuccesfully 'make install'

I guess we're really missing a header or declaration... :S
because I cant trace the headers to int yyparse (..)  :S
but Im not sure .....       :S

I did try with a 3.4 compiler from scratch too...
and builds each everything... but doesn't link the 3dldf...

I dont understand why I have to compile with 3.3
Its the libstdc++6??? or any flag to ignore some linking ???
(by the way... the compatibility_version doesn't work)

I attach both logs...

I hope you can tell me what im doing wrong...

Again thanks for your time and help...


On 3/27/07, Laurence Finston <address@hidden> wrote:

> I get this two lines :)
> (easy to fix)
> points.web:7251: error: extra qualification 'Compare_Angles::' on
> member 'operator()'
> points.web:7313: error: extra qualification 'Compare_Points::' on
> member 'operator()'

Thanks for pointing this out.  I've fixed it in my sources, uploaded a new
version of `points.web' to Savannah, and a new snapshot to Savannan and the
other server where I put snapshots.

> but then I get this other two :'(
> (I can't trace the declaration; I don't understand CWeb)
> scanprse.web: In function 'void* Scan_Parse::parse_func(void*)':
> scanprse.web:451: error: 'yyparse' was not declared in this scope

`yyparse' is generated by GNU Bison from the file `parser.w' and the other
files with the extension `.w', which are included in `parser.w'.  This error
probably means that Bison failed for some reason.   The first thing to do
would be to try calling `make parser.o'.  If this doesn't work, delete all
of the files with the name `parser' _except_ for `parser.w'.  Then call
`make parser.o' again.  If this doesn't work, I suggest calling `make clean'
and trying to build from scratch again.  If it still doesn't work, please
send me the complete terminal output from `make install' or whatever command
you're using.  `make ldf' does less than `make install' and is sufficient
for building the executable.

Someone had a similar problem installing on a Debian GNU/Linux system.  I
don't know whether he (or she) eventually succeeded.  You might want to have
a look at the thread:

[help-3dldf] Re: The compilling of 3DLDF failed on Debian Sid.

I would prefer for you to send any further questions to
address@hidden'.  However, you would have to subscribe as all postings
from non-subscribers are discarded.  I've done this to eliminate spam.  If
you really don't want to subscribe, just respond to me at this address.  The
one you used before works, but my posts are sometimes filtered because
spammers have gotten hold of it.

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