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Re: Bison 1.28c is released

From: marc-alexandre autret
Subject: Re: Bison 1.28c is released
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 19:11:08 +0000 (GMT)


According to Hans Aberg:
> These seem to work fine, except that %header_extension does not seem able
> to have an empty argument, which sometimes is used with C++ headers.
> Perhaps
>   %header_extension ""
> could mean an empty extension.

        It has been turned on, but it is not the final state.
        For the moment, it runs without double quotes. 

> Also, I think one might have --source_extension=... and
> --header-extension=... startup arguments in case one wants to control it
> from "make" (but I have no use of it myself).

        Why not. We have the idea to synchronize % directives and command
        line options.

> About the --graph option, what is vcg format intended to be used with? Is
> there say a vcg -> pdf/ps/dvi converter available?

        There is a little program "xvcg" available on many operating system. 
        It allow visualizing graphes in a window or translate VCG to PS.
        The URL where you can get informations about it is given in the
        announcement mail.


Autret Marc (address@hidden)
Eleve Ingenieur en Informatique 

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