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Re: How to change default outcome of shift/reduce conflict?

From: Anthony DeRobertis
Subject: Re: How to change default outcome of shift/reduce conflict?
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 08:16:24 -0500

Hans Aberg writes:
There are different styles of handling this problem. One is trying to alter
the shift to reduce somehow; I think that the Bison manual say something
about that (in the section about IF ... THEN ... ELSE).

Lookin in the "Shift/Reduce" section of "Algorithm", I don't see anything to this effect.

The other, which I prefer myself, is to rewrite the grammar so that it is
not ambiguous anymore:

The best I have managed to do, is to do something like this:
expr_orless: (everything that was in expr, except or)
expr: expr_orless
  | expr OR expr
answer_btn_list_oneplus: answer_btn_list_oneplus OR expr_orless
                     | expr_orless
; This, does get rid of that shift-reduce conflict. However, it gives me two reduce/reduce conflicts instead. Not quite sure why I'm getting those reduce-reduces conflicts (even with -v bison doesn't seem to want to say much) I'd really like if there was a way to tell bison to prefer reduce over shift in a given state. After reading the source, and watching bison work in a debugger, it appears %prec applied to the rule will do what I want. So I now have:
answer_btn_list_oneplus: answer_btn_list_oneplus OR expr    { ... }
                       | expr   %prec PSEUDO_MAX            { ... }

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