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Re: calling yyparse repeatedly

From: Prabhu M.K
Subject: Re: calling yyparse repeatedly
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 18:45:29 +0530

Ye I used the flex debug mode. i found that i am trying to scan after
the EOF reached.

My reqirement is that i want to parse a specified buffer repeatedly. For
that i am calling yyparse more than once. Since the scanner reaches the
end of buffer(EOF), the yyflex returing 0 for second call. I gone
through flex document but i dont know to satisfy my requirement. Could
you suggest any other way.

Sorry for bothering You.

Thanks very much.

Prabhu M.K

Akim Demaille wrote:

> Sorry, I don't understand your code, nor how it is supposed to run.
> But, have you tried to see if a simple getc gives what you want?
> Since you use Flex, why don't you use its debug mode.
> Good luck!
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