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Give me an example please!!!

From: Javier Andres Mena Zapata
Subject: Give me an example please!!!
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 11:33:54 -0500 (COT)

Hi, I'm new using bison, and I've try to do some things, but I don't know
how to do (or the 'correct' form to do) a lot of things.

I want to make a language (originally written in Scheme in the book:
Essentials of Programming Languages). This language is extremely simple,
it uses grammar LL, and it is simple to understand, but, IT IS IN SCHEME!.

Please, tell some place where i can get an example (I've seen the
examples), i'm looking for especialy about variable declarations.

Ah, I have to the next grammar:
 <exp> ::= <prim> ( <list-of-exp> )
       ::= <number>

 <prim> ::= + | - | *

 <list-of-exp> ::= <exp>
               ::= <list-of-exp> <exp>

How can I evaluate an exp using Bison.


Javier Andr?s Mena Zapata
Ingenier?a de Sistemas
Universidad del Valle

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