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error message

From: François Boudreault
Subject: error message
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 12:05:36 -0400
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Hoping you can help me. I'm trying to install a game
called Planeshift ( ) on my linux Mandrake 10.0

I have a 1.875 version of Bison and i get an error
message when i compile the game.

    Bison plugins/aws/skinpars.cpp
    plugins/aws/skinpars.yy:61.8-12: redéclaration du type de window_item

    bison -d -p aws -o plugins/aws/skinpars.cpp plugins/aws/skinpars.yy

    ...failed Bison plugins/aws/skinpars.cpp ...

The game conceptors say they used version 1.35 of Bison.

Should I downgrade or upgrade the bison software?


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