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Re: Token types with constructor

From: Martin Trautmann
Subject: Re: Token types with constructor
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2004 18:12:28 +0200


I now have a proper solution which...
* works propperly with unmodified bison-1.875
* uses the default skeleton yacc.c
* supports C++ Token Type including a constructor
* parser stack size may be increased several times
* interacts well with my C++ Flexlexer

I am happy with that and though don't need any further discussion.



Am Montag, den 06.09.2004, 18:53 +0200 schrieb Hans Aberg:
> At 00:35 +0200 2004/09/03, Martin Trautmann wrote:
> >But with established solution I mean the yyoverflow construction that
> >seems to be introduced exactly for the purpose we need it.
> As long as you compile it under C, as it never was written for C++, and
> never will.
> >I don't want to change the parser skeletons any more.
> Experiment as you wish, but with a parser not properly written for C++, you
> are on your own.
> The problems under C++ is not only to get a working parser, but enable user
> supporting C++ code to be properly placed, as well to sync it with Flex.
>   Hans Aberg

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