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Re: problem linking program containing bison-generated parser

From: Laurence Finston
Subject: Re: problem linking program containing bison-generated parser
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 22:17:02 +0100
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> I prefer Qt to STL - not only because I know it better, but also because of
> the documentation. I haven't found an adequate documentation for STL yet,
> sorry :-)

I suggested using STL strings and lists because you said you were having
problems.   To my way of thinking, Stroustrup's _The C++ Programming Language_
documents the STL very well.  I've never needed anything else, except for the
occasional look at the header files and the `libstdc++' documentation:

> As for the parser function - actually, I'm not using C++ parser functions
> right now, and I don't want to. 

I suggested using C++ in the actions, not generating a C++ parser class.   If
you don't want to do the former, and you would be interested in another
suggestion, it would be to use C-style strings (i.e., arrays of `char') and
implement lists yourself, which isn't hard to do. 


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