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Re: Fwd: Are Google summer of code 2006 ideas still available?

From: Sage La Torra
Subject: Re: Fwd: Are Google summer of code 2006 ideas still available?
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 11:04:57 -0600

On 3/30/07, Akim Demaille <address@hidden> wrote:
Yes, that's why it is much more include-like than import-like.  Still,
I see this work as something to be done in two phases:

- first, design a true AST for Bison
  something to represent the grammar we read.  We have more or less
  something like this in Bison, but much work is done on it, it's not
  "faithful" to the entry, it's already heavily modified.

  Once this AST done, then be ready to process it for real, applying
  all the transformations we want (elimination of useless things,
  elimination of symbolic names, elimination of mid-rule actions, fuse
  the %unions, run semantic checks etc.).

  Maybe we can think about other transformations, such as inlining
  injection rules (see TODO).

- once we have this AST, it should be reasonably straightforward to
  implement the fusion of ASTs, hence to have a nice import

This AST should also be a tremendous help to debug: it should be able
to print intermediate states for debugging the transformations.

This is more or less how I was thinking of implementing this feature
for my GSoC proposal. I hadn't thought about how this would help
debugging, but now that you mention it that would be nice.


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