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Re: bison - MSYS - Windows/DOS

From: Luca
Subject: Re: bison - MSYS - Windows/DOS
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 20:16:11 +0200
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Il 13/04/2011 14.11, Gus Gassmann ha scritto:
I am using bison 2.3 in MSYS. The setup works for me, but I have recently
become a bit more ambitious. What I would like to do is embed the bison command
into a Visual Studio build. The bison executable under MSYS is a Windows
executable, so this ought to work (it does work with flex), but I get an error
about not finding m4sugar.m4. Is there a command line option I could use to
override the default location?

Just to be perfectly clear:

bison -ldv -p osil -o OSParseosil.y

works inside an MSYS box, but inside a DOS box gives me the error

bison: cannot open file `/usr/share/bison/m4sugar/m4sugar.m4': No such file or

Is there a way that I can get this command to run in a DOS box?



You can run bison from a batch file,
then add the batch file to a VS post build event ,
but you have to add bison to your path, e.g:


bison -ldv -p osil -o OSParseosil.y

Maybe this link to "Custom Build Rules for Visual C++ 2005 IDE" could be useful:

you can download build rules from here:


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