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Re: FW: bison-2.3 build error: src/bison not found

From: lilei
Subject: Re: FW: bison-2.3 build error: src/bison not found
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 15:12:34 +0800
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Yes, it works!  Just only need touch src/parse-gram.[ch], thanks a lot !

于 2011-4-15 20:11, Joel E. Denny 写道:
> On Tue, 12 Apr 2011, wrote:
>> /home/adrian/ci/home/jobs/RB-8.3.1_bds-64bit/workspace/RB-8.3.1_bds-64bi
>>  t/release_64/external/bison-2.3/tests/.././src/bison: 
>>  cannot execute: No such file or directory
>>  It appears that building bison requires bison already build, which
>> would
>>  be very strange to me if so.
> Yes, bison's internal parser source is generated using bison.  However, 
> the bison source tarballs include copies of the generated parser source.  
> That is, we run bison for you, so you shouldn't have to.
> If you've modified the grammar file or somehow set its time stamp later 
> than the generated source files, that would trigger bison to run.  In the 
> latter case, the easy solution is to touch ONLY the generated source 
> files:
>   touch src/parse-gram.[ch]
>> I have the same problem as Timothy Madden, but i build bison on AIX 5.3, and 
>> already touch all files in bison directory, and then ./configure, make.
>> The problem not disappear. Can anyone give me some help ?
> You're probably touching src/parse-gram.y after src/parse-gram.[ch].  You 
> should touch only src/parse-gram.[ch].

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