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RE: Proposal

From: Martin John P.-r50845
Subject: RE: Proposal
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 07:51:47 +0100

        No doubt many of you already know, but just in case anybody doesn't:

This is a well-known scam, and a positive response can cost you thousands of (insert dollars/pounds/whatever)!


John P. Martin
Senior Unix Systems Administrator

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-----Original Message-----
From: francs abb [mailto:address@hidden]
Sent: 10 April 2002 22:46
To: address@hidden
Subject: Proposal

Dear Sir,
With due respect and sincere, I write you this letter,
which I pray must be given quick attention as soon as
you receive it.I am the son of Richard Goergetown a
white farmer from Zimbabwe,who was violently killed
last year by the rampaging black of this country,
following the directives of their president,Mr. Robert
Mugabe against all the white farmers in the country.As
a result of my father's untimely death and the seizure
of our farmland, I was forced to leave the country in
order to escape assassination. Before leaving, I took
away all my late father's personal documents and
valuables. I left home to settle with some old school
friends with the help of the UNHCR because I can no
longer accept the barbaric attitude of the blacks
towards the white farmers in this country and the
seizure of their farms and lands violently.I am
writing you this letter to seek for sincere assistance
and trust because I cannot return to Zimbabwe now,I
also father fought so hard to acquire all these year
during the apartheid period. My late father deposited
most of his finances with a security firm before his
death and the total deposit is U.S.D.19 Million.He
kept this fund as a security measure because of the
political crises in this country. I decided to contact
you and ask for your help. I want you to stand as a
distant parent of the family and be my beneficiary for
this fund before the security company. Sir, I do not
want you to toy with my present situation.I want to
secure this fund in your country with your help and no
publicity over this matter.Though the company was told
directly the exact content of the box. The security
firm will arrange on our instructions to transmit the
fund offshore to your account. Thus, you surely shall
make a way for me.I count on you, mister.Do not betray
the trust I have put in you today.
Kindly tell me your commission in this deal and reply
me immediately. As soon as I receive your positive
response,I shall put you in contact with the security
firm so that we can conclude the formalities rapidly.
I thank you in advance for your understanding.I wait
for your reply. Please, do not treat my request with
delay or I don't care attitude.This a serious problem
I am facing, sir.
Be well guided,

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