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Warning: Redefinition of macro

From: Rune Mossige
Subject: Warning: Redefinition of macro
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 09:47:08 +0100
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For several months now, we have had several (30+) hosts of varying OS'es 
(SGI IRIX, AIX 4.3.3, Solaris 2.6, Solaris 2.8 and RedHat Linux 7.3) 
running happily using a mix of cfengine-2.0.1, 2.0.b3, 2.0.b4.

Then, a few days ago, we started a process to get all these platforms up 
to 2.0.4, but then we started to get periodic emails saying:
YYYYY:/var/cfengine/inputs/cfagent.conf:11: Warning: Redefinition of 
macro smtpserver=XXXXXXX

We used to have this set in the update.conf control: section, but then 
the new 2.0.4 clients complained, forcing us to also set it in 
cfagent.conf. Is this behaviour expected?

Where is global settings now recommended to be set? update.conf, 
cfagent.conf, or both? Is there a way to 'silence' these warnings until 
all clients have been properly updated?
Rune  Mossige,  Systems  Support  Engineer,  WesternGeco, Stavanger
Tel: (+47)51946869                             Mobile:(+47)90871024

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