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RE: Partitioning configuration files

From: Jeff Sheltren
Subject: RE: Partitioning configuration files
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 12:14:46 -0700

Hi Rick, personally, I like to use many smaller files.  Once a file gets too
large, it is hard to see what all it is doing, IMHO.  Here, we are using
different files based on OS, location, and even software.  ie. we have
cf.redhat, cf.solaris, cf.lab1, cf.lab2, cf.vmware.

For example, we had all of the vmware install process (it's a lot of steps
because we copy out default files, the vmware image, run the vmware-config
script, etc.) as part of cf.redhat - but it was hard to trace the flow of
the vmware stuff, so we separated it into its own file, and now it is much
easier to see what all we do for vmware.

As far as when to split the files, I think that's really up to you (or
whoever spends time editing them).

I haven't noticed any performance difference in using multile files...


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Subject: Partitioning configuration files

I'm looking for some insight as to when it's best to partition your
configuration files into smaller files that will be imported.  Do most of
you out there keep one large file?

I currently have a cf.linux config file that's >200 lines will
probably grow more rapidly in the next few months.

If I split it up into a bunch of smaller files will there be a
noticeable/significant performance impact?



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