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Have you outgrown your accounting software?

From: Kane at InternetSeer
Subject: Have you outgrown your accounting software?
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 22:40:10 -0400 (EDT)

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How Everest integrates your ENTIRE business
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Everest Integrates Your Entire Business
Accounting Marketing
E-Commerce Purchasing
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Manufacturing Return Authorization (RMAs)
Sales Shipping & Receiving
Service CRM/Groupware
Payroll (US) Point of Sale
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Don't you want to manage your business instead of struggling with your software?
Isn't it expensive maintaining multiple solutions in your business?
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Does re-indexing of data make your staff unproductive?
Is your turnaround time on customer queries, purchase quotes, CRM, etc. far too long?
Do you feel helpless when you're out of town and need to log in to see customer details but can't?
Wouldn't you rather invest on just ONE software that can keep pace with your growth?
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Fast Facts About Icode Solutions
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Over 2200 companies in 30 countries
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Developed by 200 developers over
  6 years
Microsoft 'Small Business Solution
  of the Year'
CPA Software News 5-Star Rating
  "Although this program can be easily scaled down for use with smaller businesses, there is plenty of power in this system to handle the most complex of businesses. Add user friendliness and easy navigation and you have a system that deserves consideration. At this level, you will not find a more complete business and accounting solution"
  The CPA Software News
  If you are ready to integrate your entire business with one software solution and would like to know more about Everest, call 1- 800-382-0725 to speak to an Icode e-business consultant. Or click here for a FREE Demo CD! Or for more information about the product visit
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