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Re: telling the tracker *not* to create a bug ID?

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: telling the tracker *not* to create a bug ID?
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 18:10:17 -0400
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Jim Meyering wrote:

> Is there a way to tell the tracker not to create a bug ID
> for a given message/thread?

I don't think there is a mechanism for this. If you remember the way
it is set up, bug-coreutils mail is re-routed to address@hidden There
is no way to send mail there without creating a bug.

You could turn this re-routing off, then mail sent to bug-coreutils
would not create a bug ID. People would have to manually send things
to address@hidden with a "Package: coreutils" line.

It might be possible to add the feature you ask for to debbugs, but to
use it you would have to remember to mark your messages in some way to
say "not a bug". And if you have to do that, I think it is much easier
to simply send to the non-bug- coreutils address instead. And I can't
see how it would work for replies, unless everyone marked their
message in the same way, which seems unlikely to work reliably.

Perhaps the FSF admins could make the bug-coreutils router rule more
complex, so that messages satisfying some criterion you specify got
passed through as is, rather than re-routed to address@hidden You'd
have to ask them. Or maybe if you have an alias to bug-coreutils,
using that address would bypass the router rule? I don't know. Again,
seems like it might be complex and/or fragile.

> I have been posting patches to bug-coreutils, and it is
> annoying to have to mark each as "done".  Recently I simply
> posted to the non-bug- address, but that's ugly, too.

Why is it ugly - I thought you created the non-bug- address for just
such purposes?

Have you considered having an automated coreutils-diffs list?
I believe Savannah can activate that for you fairly easily.

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