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Re: bug#10471: closed (Severe or critical - deletes existing files and l

From: Linda Walsh
Subject: Re: bug#10471: closed (Severe or critical - deletes existing files and leaves nothing. (cp))
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 17:52:00 -0800
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Glenn Morris wrote:
In particular, you should not immediately open a
duplicate bug report if your first is closed, and you should not
immediately reopen a bug that a developer has closed.
1) I didn't know how to reopen a bug until I did.  I didn't
even know that eric's first message was a control message to close it!

2) a developer shouldn't immediately close a bug with it is obvious
that they didn't read it.

Further follow-up shows that he didn't read the settings of
my aliases at the beginning of the note.. and he made assumptions
about them that were incorrect.

He also didn't know about how useful I think forcing people to
know the right case of everything, is so "user friendly" [not!],
nor the fact (and this is more surprising) that I an *intimately aware*.
of many of the windows settings .. especially all the ones
relating to registry setting settable by 'fsutil', group policy,
local system security policy (setting what to do about 'case sensitivity
on subsystems outside of POSIX)... that's at least 3 place it is explicitly
settable that I can think of w/o a google search. (4 if you count
registry editing as 'explicit', but I don't, really)...

You should calmly
and clearly explain why you disagree, and then wait for the maintainers
to followup. There is no need to reopen a bug to keep discussing it.

There's no need to close a bug as the first action upon receiving it either.
In fact with many years of software, i've never known that to be good

Are you suggesting that it is good policy to close out bugs and then discuss
whether or not it is really a bug, rather than examining the evidence first?

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