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Re: When submitter sets Reply-To to bug-foo

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: When submitter sets Reply-To to bug-foo
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015 11:36:39 -0700
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Glenn Morris wrote:
> Bob Proulx wrote:
> > But if Reply-To is a valid non-mailing list address then that is the
> > correct one to use.
> But does anyone actually do that these days?
> Mail "from: address@hidden", but want replies sent "to: address@hidden"?

I agree that it is seldom seen these days.  But I don't think that is
a good reason to not handle Reply-To correctly.  Often when they do
use it as with the most recent report that used a numbered from
address I think they really don't ever want a reply back.

I just wish that Mail-Followup-To had made it into the standards early
and had better support.

> > Is there a control@ command that I could send that would change the
> > "Reported by" address? 
> "submitter", I think?

Yes.  That looks like it.  I used it to correct that most recent

I think that might be the easiest way to deal with it.  Simple make
the corrections as they are needed.  Since they aren't needed very
often.  It is a pretty rare thing.

> > Then could maybe make some effort into improving things upstream on
> > the Debian upstream and then that would flow downstream.
> It wouldn't really help us here. :(
> The installation is heavily locally patched, starting
> from some old snapshot of a development version of debbugs.
> The changes were done in-place on the live system, with no real form of VCS.
> Obviously this is a Bad Thing. I did not start it, but I have certainly
> continued doing it.
> I dread the prospect of ever merging in changes from upstream. :(

I understand.  I have been there myself many times.  Some quote about
the dark side of the force being seductive and quicker would seem to
come to mind but I just can't form one. :-)

I may still hit you up for help with this at some point.  But it will
be a while.  Too many other things happening before I could attempt it.


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