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Hyperbole debbugs fields incompatible with debbugs-get-bugs.

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: Hyperbole debbugs fields incompatible with debbugs-get-bugs.
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 10:26:38 -0400

Hi Glenn:

Thanks for setting up the Hyperbole project debbugs database.  It is
very useful.  However, I see that the fields and values in the database
do not match those used in `debbugs-get-bugs' from "debbugs.el".  Could
you change it so they match and we could use this function.

Here is what I get back when making a status request on one bug:

;; Query
((severity . "normal")
 (package . "hyperbole"))

;; Status
((cache_time . 1466604661.543341)
 (originator . "\"Feng Shu\" <address@hidden>")
 (package "hyperbole")
 (last_modified . 1466371922)
 (bug_num . 23789)
 (location . "db-h")
 (log_modified . 1466371922)
 (source . "unknown")
 (subject . "rolo-sort run incorrect.")
 (pending . "pending")
 (msgid . "<address@hidden>")
 (date . 1466214002)
 (id . 23789)
 (severity . "normal"))


Here are the differences I noticed:
Instead of a status field, there is a pending field.  I would really
like an "open" value for the status field as well rather than just pending.
Instead of owner and submitter fields there is originator.
There is no maint field.

Mainly, if the setup could just match the Lisp function, that would be
very helpful.



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