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Re: [h-e-w] calling macros on several files

From: David Vanderschel
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] calling macros on several files
Date: 09 Oct 2001 15:32:47 -0500

On Tuesday, October 09, "Raymond Zeitler" <address@hidden> wrote:
>I disagree that extra precision is gained by having
>an additional buffer with the names of the files in
>it.  I'm merely suggesting a simple macro, not an
>elaborate programming exercise.  After all, how is
>the macro to know that a given buffer contains a list
>of files or an actual file?

What I had in mind was something like the following:

    Begin defining the macro when visiting the buffer
    containing the file names (one per line) and with
    the cursor on the first line.  Have the macro grab
    the file name on the line it is on, visit that
    file, do its thing on it, save it, close the
    buffer, return to the buffer with the files, and
    advance the cursor to the next line.

Still a macro exercise.  Little additional
complication, but with explicit control over which
files are affected without regard to what other
buffers might exist.  For that matter, the macro could
actually search for marked files in a dired buffer
(which would make the "find-file" part even easier).

>... But in any case, nothing that we're discussing
>here is specific to NTEmacs.  Why not post your
>question/complaint about dired in the newsgroup
> so as to get much more exposure?  

Point taken.  (Sorry, I got carried away. :)

  David V.

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