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[h-e-w] Win 2000 + "Spanish" keyboards

From: andrew cooke
Subject: [h-e-w] Win 2000 + "Spanish" keyboards
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 20:12:31 -0400

I'm sure this must be a FAQ, but I've searched google and read the NT faq and 
I honestly can't find a solution.

I have emacs installed on Win2000, on a computer with a "spanish" keyboard 
(I'm in S. America - Chile).  Although Win2000 works fine, typing in emacs 
(apart from alphanumeric characters) doesn't match the keys.

Obviously I can't fiddle with X-windows (which seems to be the normal way to 
solve this problem), this being MS Win2000, and I seem to have tried all the 
Mule options I can find without any of them making a difference.

Please, I need a solution - I spent the day writing code in WordPad!



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