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[h-e-w] emacs kills Win2k

From: piranha
Subject: [h-e-w] emacs kills Win2k
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 21:07:13 +0200


since this is my first message here:
hello to everyone in this list

ok. :-)
now, to my problem:

i've been using emacsNT since 20.7.1, later i switched to 21.1 and now
i'm using 21.2.

my system is Win2k running on an athlon 1000, 512 MB and so on...

in all of the emacs versions i have had the problem that sooner or later the system stops responding. keyboard is dead, no task switching, nothing.

now, the strangest thing is that the mouse keeps working for 8-10 clicks. seriously, nothing works except the mouse. oh, btw, the clicks don't have any effect at all, i.e. i can't switch the active window.
and after those few clicks, the system beeps once and is then totally gone.
no CTRL-ALT-DEL, no power switch, only the reset button works :-(

well, after some time i noticed this strange behavior ONLY happens while i'm using emacs! otherwise my system is perfectly stable...

SO. since the problem is directly related to emacs, i figured i'd write to this list, maybe somebody has heard of a problem like mine?

my guesses:
* problem with gnuserv, gnuclientw et al... the problem often happens when i open / close a yap window or a second emacs window. * emacs using some function of the ?graphics card? driver or something no other program does which leads to the lockup. i consider this since the lockup seems to be somehow hardware related. pure software shouldn't be able to kill my system like that, especially NT/2000.
* or else...?

btw, the problem happened so frequently that i finally installed linux.
now emacs works fine for me, but the downside is that i really need to use some Windows-only programs (visio) while i write TeX code with emacs. and it is pretty
uncomortable to reboot every time i want to switch between emacs and visio...



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