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[h-e-w] LPD printing

From: Uday S. Reddy
Subject: [h-e-w] LPD printing
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 00:15:06 +0100

I have two complaints.  (This should probably go to a bug-reports
list, but I can't find such a list.)

- The error output from the printing process is being sent to a buffer
  that is well-hidden.  The buffer is titled " *print-region-helper*"
  (note the leading space character).  This is in dos-w32.el.  The
  buffer is not displayed by default (probably understandable) and,
  worse, one gets a message like "Printing... Done" which is
  completely bogus.  So, nobody ever knows that anything went wrong.
  I have spent several hours today trying to find the problem, and
  perhaps zillions of others as well judging by the number of posts
  that get made on this list about printing problems.

  (The award really goes to the Gnu Emacs release of ps-print.el which
  discards all output from the printing process and glibly responds
  "Printing... Done"!)

  PLEASE delete the leading space character in the buffer name and
  name it something more public and noticeable like "*Print Process

- call-process is breaking on the Windows NT lpr command (which is
  used for sending print jobs to a Unix LPD deamon).  Notice:

      (apply 'call-process "lpr" nil (current-buffer) nil 
             '("-S printhost" "-P degas" "d:/home/tmp/computing"))
      Error: print server unreachable or specified printer does not exist.



  On the other hand, a shell command to this effect works fine:

      ACWS-0065[~/tmp]: lpr -S printhost -P degas computing
      ACWS-0065[~/tmp]: lpq -S printhost -P degas
  I used to use LPD printing fine a couple of years ago (Emacs version
  19 and/or early releases of version 20) with settings like:

     (setq lpr-command "lpr"
           lpr-switches '("-S printhost" "-P degas"))

  But this is not working any more.

  I have tried overriding dos-w32.el by unsetting
  ps-print-region-function, but this doesn't help.  ps-print.el also
  uses call-process to invoke the lpr-command and that is breaking.  

Do people know any workarounds?

Uday Reddy

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