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RE: other CRLF based emascen (was RE: [h-e-w] File size anomoly)

From: Robert Praetorius
Subject: RE: other CRLF based emascen (was RE: [h-e-w] File size anomoly)
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 18:08:34 -0400

> As it was based on TOPS-10/20 or TENEX (did it run on ITS?), this makes
> perfect sense.  DEC was definitely in the CRLF world.

     Run on ITS?  It started on ITS (my 1st and only experience with it 
was on TOPS-20, though).  One might say that TECO-based Emacs was at the 
root of Free Software (it was, IIRC, the first large, publicly distributed 
project that RMS was involved in (I've read that GLS played a large part 
in the 1st Emacs, too)).

     Anyone else ever run in ^R mode?

     I don't think TECO-based Emacs ever ran on TOPS-10, although I recall 
there was something call FINE (Fine Is Not Emacs) that ran there.

     I think Microsoft is in the CRLF world because Paul Allen did their 
early development on TOPS-10 (using a cross assembler that was a bunch of 
macros in MACRO-10 that caused to put out of bunch of 8 bit bytes of 8080 

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