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[h-e-w] Emacs Installers. Was: Control frame size on startup from .emacs

From: Raymond Zeitler
Subject: [h-e-w] Emacs Installers. Was: Control frame size on startup from .emacs
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 11:33:55 -0400

I quote David Vanderschel <address@hidden> from 05 May 2005:

>On Thursday, May 05, "Neil J Mackie" <address@hidden> wrote:
>>The use of installers and registry keys by emacs will prevent me using
>>as there is no way I am allowed to modify the registry or run an
>>The corporate environment just does not allow it.[snip]
>[snip] AFAIK, you can get emacs to work under Windows
>without modifying the registry; but I do think some
>environment variables need to be set.  (Someone please
>correct me if I am wrong on this.) 

You do not need to set any environment variable to
operate Emacs.  HOME defaults to C:\, and if you can
copy .emacs there, your Emacs experience can be per-
fectly glorious despite "draconian" security.

>Now if only someone could make a "live CD" for emacs
>that would run under Windows.  That's probably what
>Neil needs.

I created one for myself when I attended a hands-on VBS
training seminar.  It worked just fine without any set up

My personal choice would be to not use an automated install
program.  I prefer copying the binary files from the tar file.
I would hope that the use of the registry remain optional.

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