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Re: [h-e-w] Merging Win32 documentation with Emacs main docs

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: [h-e-w] Merging Win32 documentation with Emacs main docs
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 21:40:52 +0300

> From: David Vanderschel <address@hidden>
> Date: 17 Jul 2006 09:24:41 -0500
> >In other words, if Emacs can easily resolve a reference to an Info
> >manual from within another Info manual, it can also resolve such a
> >reference from an HTML page.
> Eli, could you please provide a pointer to some
> documentation of what such a "properly formatted
> reference to an Info manual" looks like in an HTML
> document?

I don't have time to do the research, sorry.  But since something like
"(emacs)Top" is enough to get "M-x ffap" do the Right Thing, I find it
hard to believe that what I said cannot be done with some customization.

> Given that the mechanism you mention would only work
> if one were using emacs as his browser, the argument,
> as I understand it, still strikes me as being somewhat
> irrelevant.  I personally would rather use a
> full-function browser like Firefox

Here's where we differ: I find no reason whatsoever to educate users
to go to another browser, where Emacs already supports the same

> Can such a reference be
> formulated and Firefox be configured in such a way
> that even Firefox itself could fire up emacs's Info
> reader?

At least on GNU/Linux. you could use file:///usr/local/info/emacs etc.

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