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Re: Some issues wrt compilation on Windows using VS.NET

From: John
Subject: Re: Some issues wrt compilation on Windows using VS.NET
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 13:07:58 -0400 (EDT)

As far as we know, Flex builds fine on Windows under Cygwin. What
would compiling under .NET give us?

I'll address the big points briefly now, so you don't waste your time
on them:

> - filter.c assigns to stdin and stdout
>   -> this is not possible on windows

Nor is it possible on  BSD, since the standard streams are not
lvalues.  I intend to fix the problem by duplicating the pipes as
fileno(stdin) and fileno(stdout).

> This only leaves the main issue, the use of fork()/wait() in
> filter.c (and wait() in main.c, but I assume the two are related).
> At first glance it seems as it's all for that pipe, so I'll try to
> make an alternate implementation using popen() (which IS supported
> on DJGPP and Windows).

popen() won't help. Flex doesn't exec every time it forks. As I
understand, pipe/fork/exec/wait are available everywhere except

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