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Troubles with compiling flex-2.5.31

From: Julián Calderón Almendros
Subject: Troubles with compiling flex-2.5.31
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 12:06:12 +0200

My hardware equipment is:       i686 (PentiumIII-500MHz) – 384MB of memory

The SO is:                      WindowsXP SP1

The platform of compiling is:   a) MinGW gcc-3.2.3

The problem is:

-       For flex-2.5.27 I have compiled with the platform of compiling a) (MinGW gcc-3.2.3). For I can do this I have put the definitions of htonl() and htons() in the correspondence file *.c. Without patches the same version of flex compiles with the target Cygwin.

-       For flex-2.5.31 I can’t compile with MinGW gcc-3.2.3. There are many errors of compiling and I don’t known to do the appropiate patch. But the same version of flex ‘does’ compile with Cygwin gcc-3.2, without problems.

I want Compiling the flex-2.5.31 with MinGW (to no utilize cygwin.dll) or compiling with Cygwin but without dynamic linking with cygwin.dll.

Does someone try this?

Thanks on advance.

Julián Calderón Almendros

jcalderon AT  wanadoo POINT es

Ingeniero Técnico Industrial

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