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FW: problem with htags

From: Brutovski, Robert
Subject: FW: problem with htags
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001 11:18:38 -0400

> Shigio-san,
> I have just downloaded and installed Global on Solaris 2.7. It looks
> but I am having some trouble with htags. I have built global successfully
> and run gtags and tested it. However, when I run htags, I immediately get
> the following error:
> com: Undefined variable
> I am running perl version 5.005_002 and GNU make version 3.79, and I have
> added /usr/local/bin to my $PATH variable. Can you suggest a fix for this
> problem?
> Also, I noticed that global installed it's scripts in /usr/local/bin. Is
> there any way that I could install those or move those to different
> directories? Thank you for your help and excellent tool.
> Rob Brutovski
> Xerox Corporation
> address@hidden

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