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opening files with gtags

From: ryan kulla
Subject: opening files with gtags
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 09:11:22 -0700

I've read through all the documentation on Gnu Global looking for a
way to use it to find files with it but there doesn't seem to be a
way. What i'd like to do is something like 'global filename.c' to have
it find the file called 'filename.c'.

This would be a really useful feature because i use the Vim editor
with gtags.vim and would love to find/open files using the gtags
database because it would work a lot faster than vim's built-in file
finding, especially when done over a map networked drive. And since
the gtags database already contains filename info it seems like gnu
global should allow this feature.

maybe this feature already exists and i just didn't see it? Please let me know


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