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Re: [Help-glpk] Gusek / Scite2003 Linux and (Mac OS X?)

From: Noli Sicad
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] Gusek / Scite2003 Linux and (Mac OS X?)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 06:06:38 +0700

Hi Luiz and Jeff,

Thanks a lot making the discussion of cross platform GLPK/GMLP alive.

I think GLPK/GMLP needs a cross platform IDE take advantage of ODBC
capabilities of Mathprog in reading and writing tables in databases
and spreadsheets.

I like Gusek very much. It is my "Swiss Army knife" in Windows. I open
almost everything with GUSEK and see what is the content of the such

I think SciTE is out of the question now. Officially, it would NOT
compile in Mac OS X. I emalied Neil Hodgson (author of SciTE) and
Mike Lischke (SciTE for Mac OS X) regarding how to compile the latest
SciTE 2.03, both replied saying that it would not compile in Mac OS X.

I have been toying the idea that probably Komodo Edit would be good
candidate for cross platform GLPK/MathProg IDE. R package has good
plugin for Kodomot Edit (SciViews-K). But Komodo Edit seems hard to
use when you are looking for advance features i.e. syntax lighting,
compiling or running and getting the results.

I just encountered TextAdept last night will googling  for scintilla
and scite software. And now, Geany as mentioned by Luiz.

Luiz, which one is easier to port, TextAdept or Geany?

But I think Geany has more advance features just looking at the
screenshot - output pane - status, compiler, messages, scribble,

Good luck in thesis writing.


Regards, Noli

On 2/18/10, Luiz M. M. Bettoni <address@hidden> wrote:
> Maybe, we can try. Are you using TextAdept?
> Sounds good, based on Scite (can be easier migrate), flexible, but it is
> relatively new and not so popular / stable...
> It will make Gusek less portable (needs GTK+2 runtime), but can be a
> better option make it more cross-platform than portable.
> My last idea was convert Gusek into a plugin to an text-editor, avoiding
> rebuilds and code changing after every new version of the base
> text-editor. Or directly incorporate the GLPK languages in the source
> editor, as well. But it can be more complex to the final user. I'm not
> sure yet. By the way, this changes has no short-time prevision if
> depends only on my effort - i'm writing my msc. thesis now (it make some
> people crazy, you know? =)
> Someone has another suggestions?
> Luiz Bettoni
> At 17-02-2010 12:20, Jeffrey Kantor wrote:
>> What about TextAdept?  Lua extensible and cross-platform.  Would that
>> be a decent foundation for a cross-platform GMPL development
>> environment. ( I'm a fan of Gusek, but need to meet the needs of our
>> students who definitely live in a cross-platform world.)
>> Jeff
>> On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 7:30 AM, Luiz M. M. Bettoni
>> <address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>>
>> wrote:
>>     Hi, Noli.
>>     Gusek was build to run under windows, and the Scite-RU applied
>>     patches are only for windows. So, rebuild it under Linux isn't a
>>     good idea. Without Scite-RU and other minor patches, Gusek is
>>     basically Scite with GLPK configuration files (and it's configured
>>     to win32).
>>     Port it to Linux is a old project. As you say, GLPK and Scite
>>     itself can run under Linux. So, why not Gusek? Because there are
>>     no interested developers.
>>     To start, one can install Scite and GLPK specific packages (i.e.,
>>     deb or rpm) and re-write the configuration files using Gusek ones.
>>     I'm now using linux, and i've tested Scite+GLPK under it a time
>>     ago. It can be done, but Scite runs quite slowly under Ubuntu
>>     9.04/9.10, and the absence of Scite-RU improvements make it hard
>>     to use.
>>     If someone has interest, we can discuss - and, maybe, make an
>>     effort an rewrite Gusek as a plugin to some cross-platform editor
>>     (like Scite itself, or Geany), but will require a lot of work.
>>     Hugs,
>>     Luiz Bettoni
>>     At -10-01--28163 16:59, Noli Sicad wrote:
>>         Hi,
>>         Has anybody tried to compile Gusek / Scite203 in Linux?
>>         The source code can reached by SVN:
>>         SVN on Linux
>>         http://wiki.greenstone.o
>>         rg/wiki/index.php/Install_SVN_on_Linux
>>         I think in theory GUSEK can be compiled in Linux since Scite203
>>         tarball can be compiled properly in Linux.
>>         Donwload scite203 and make use of the configure make and make
>>         install
>>         fro the linux tar and use it in Gusek.
>>         Gusek is based on
>>         Having GUSEK in Linux will be good.  I think problem is compiling
>>         GUSEK in Mac OS X. Mac OS users are using Komodo Edit (FOSS as
>>         well)
>>         with scintallia
>>         I don't have any linux machine at this moment, nor dual boot
>>         laptop. I
>>         will probably buy a bigger hard drive so I can have 2 booting
>>         laptop.
>>         Regards, Noli
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