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Re: [Help-glpk] High-dimensinal outer totalistic rule CA genetator for W

From: Heinrich Schuchardt
Subject: Re: [Help-glpk] High-dimensinal outer totalistic rule CA genetator for Wolfram CA emulation
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 05:50:01 +0200
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On 09/12/2017 10:33 AM, address@hidden wrote:
> Greetings!
> I would like to contribute the attached example CPLEX LP model in the
> next release of GLPK. Reviews, opinions, suggestions and bug reports are
> kindly welcome!
> This is an automatically generated model file, which was a part of an
> exhaustive search batch process. Tidied (automatically with selfmade
> custom tools) for this contribution.
> Model results were published here:
> Thanks in advance,

Hello Peter,

thank for your example which comes with a good lot of explanatory text.

GLPK uses the GMPL modeling language. Are you able to reformulate your
problem in GMPL? I think that would make the model file much more

Best regards


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