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New functionality breaks my old function

From: John H Darrah
Subject: New functionality breaks my old function
Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001 15:40:29 -0700 (PDT)

I use the following to separate types of files into their
own dired buffers. This function worked on 19.28, but I am
now using 20.7.  The problem is that if one of the dired
commands below doesn't find any of the files, the whole
function is exited without executing the remaining dired

I need a clue. ;-)


(defun wild-dired ()
  "Create wild-card buffers"
  (dired "*_ge*.pp")
  (dired "*_op*.pp")
  (dired "*_tl*.pp")
  (dired "*_vf*.pp")
  (dired "*_mf*.pp")
  (dired "*_jw*.pp")
  (dired "*.txt")

(P.S. `kill-wild-dired' is a function that kills previously
created wild-carded dired buffers)

John Darrah (u05192)    | Dept: N/C Programming
Giddens Industries      | Ph: (425) 353-0405 #229
PO box 3190             | Ph: (206) 767-4212 #229
Everett  WA    98203    | Fx: (206) 764-9639

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