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Re: book recommendations?

From: F. Xavier Noria
Subject: Re: book recommendations?
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:06:26 +0200

Blair Goodlin wrote:
> I'm just starting to learn Emacs, and was thinking
> about getting myself a book.  I was thinking about
> getting O'Reilly's _Learning GNU Emacs_, but it only
> covers through version 19.30.  Is there that much
> difference between 19.30 and the latest release that
> it would be a bad idea to learn from this book?  Can
> anyone recommend another (better) book?

Once you have read the tutorial and have had a glance at some .emacs
for instance from these sites

IMO the better book to learn Emacs is the GNU Emacs Manual itself.
As you surely know, one can read it with Info:

   C-h i m emacs RET,

or get or read it directly at

One can also buy a printed copy.

-- fxn

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