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switch-to-buffer (C-x b) improvement ideas/bugs SOS!

From: Chris Seberino
Subject: switch-to-buffer (C-x b) improvement ideas/bugs SOS!
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 23:16:31 -0800
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switch-to-buffer (C-x b) is great but you must
type the name of the buffer you want to switch to.

I tried to make a new function that just went
thru all the buffers one by one without requiring
any typing of file names:

(defun new-switch-to-buffer () (interactive)
   (bury-buffer (current-buffer))
   (switch-to-buffer (other-buffer) t))

(bury-buffer just moves buffer to back of line
regarding switch-to-buffer commands.)

This new command switches back and forth between
2-3 buffers but never moves thru ALL buffers.

How can I improve this and why won't it go thru
ALL buffers possible?



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