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Re: multiple/alternate .emacs

From: ken
Subject: Re: multiple/alternate .emacs
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 21:00:05 -0500 (EST)


That's a good idea.  I found the same thing to be true and was one of 
the reasons I eventually went back to pine.

I'm not sure at all about this, but there is an emacs server which 
(here's the guess) should be able to serve out to multiple clients, 
which is what the situation seems to call for.


AMD crashes?  See

Phillip Lord at 16:19 (UTC-0000) on 5 Dec 2002 said:

= >>>>> "Tim" == Tim Haynes <address@hidden> writes:
=   Tim> "Bryan W. Lepore" <address@hidden> writes:
=   >> is there a way to make emacs use alternate .emacs files?
=   >> e.g. .emacs1, .emacs2, or is the .emacs required to be named only
=   >> ".emacs"?
=   Tim> To what end would you want to do this?
= I do this. I have one emacs for mail/news, and one for everything
= else. I do this because emacs isn't threaded. If NNTP or mail is slow,
= I press "g" and come back a few minutes later. In the mean time I want
= to work. 
= I go the simple route of 
= emacs -q -l ~/emacs/mailwindow.el 
= to launch my mail reader (obvious I have this scripted, and don't type
= it every time). Then I modularlise the rest of my start up, so that I
= share as much code between the two as possible.
= I also did this for a while when I was running emacs21, and emacs20 at
= the same time, although this was mostly a quick cut and paste hack, as
= I knew that it would not last for long!
= Cheers
= Phil
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