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Re: detect emacs/xemacs in elisp?

From: Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: detect emacs/xemacs in elisp?
Date: 09 Dec 2002 19:50:23 -0500
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>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Addison <address@hidden> writes:
> I have some elisp that works/doesn't work in emacs/xemacs in my
> ".emacs" file.

You can use

        (condition-case nil
            (this-is-the thing that might fail)
          (error nil))

to tell Emacs to ignore any error that might occur while executing
the form (this-is-the thing that might fail).

If you do (require 'cl) you can equivalently use the following shorthand:

        (ignore-errors (this-is-the thing that might fail))

> Another way around this
> would be to know how to determine if a function is defined before
> calling it.

(if (fboundp 'foo)
    (foo some arg))

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"Stefan Monnier <address@hidden>" 
<> writes:
> >   * When the user hits `C-c C-c', if the set of to-be-committed
> >     file/files is different from what it was at `c'/`C' time, ask the
> >     user to confirm the commit (`Really commit foo.c?' or `Really commit
> >     these files?' [+ temp-buffer showing the files])
> AFAIK this is the default behavior (including the temp-buffer).
> What is the value of `log-edit-confirm' ?

Gah, now I'm really confused; log-edit-confirm's value is `changed', which
looks like it should give me exactly the behavior I want, but I most
certainly have run afoul of the `accidentally moved cursor in *cvs*'
problem I mentioned earlier.  I don't know whether there's a bug, or
whether it _did_ prompt me and I forgot that part...

It's a bit of pain to test, unfortunately (I'd have to create a cvs

P.S.  All information contained in the above letter is false,
      for reasons of military security.

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