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Re: Building on OS X

From: Timothy Larkin
Subject: Re: Building on OS X
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2002 10:00:11 -0500
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The problem has turned out to be the presence in 3 files of the lines

<<<<<<< darwin.h
>>>>>>> 1.10

either in sequence or in close proximity.  Any idea why these lines 
should appear?  They appear, for instance, in <darwin.h>, and I know 
they are not legal C code.

Tim Larkin
Abstract Tools
Caroline, NY
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I don't think anyone would want to
configure --prefix=/usr/local/emacs-21.3
If you do that, then you will have to either link everything (perhaps 
with stow)
to where it really belongs or change all of your environment variables like
PATH, MANPATH, etc.  The solution that fink uses is much better since it
creates a /sw directory so you only have to change your environment 

Rodney Sparapani              Medical College of Wisconsin
Sr. Biostatistician           Patient Care & Outcomes Research
Was 'Name That Tune' rigged?  WWLD -- What Would Lombardi Do

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