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usability issue

From: Tuomo Takkula
Subject: usability issue
Date: 06 Jan 2003 22:59:43 +0100
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The department I am working on just switched emacs from 20.xx?? to
21.2.1, with the new cool look. However, the keystrokes <Home> and
<End> changed their meaning as well, from 'go-to-beginning/end-of
document' to 'goto-begin/end-of line', respectively. So, I thought,
lets make an usability test and try to change that back.

So I look under options, find nothing useful, then I try under
'Cutomize Emacs' and find the good old mess that I remembered hating
so much: gazillions of customization groups which have all have in
common that they do not offer the option they promise to offer, with
more than 50% of them having names which I cannot associate any
meaning to (and I am a fairly seasoned emacs user). And of course, no
customization group called 'keystrokes' or such.

So, two questions:
- is there any chance that customization becomes more user friendly? A
good start wood be to avoid for instance names like 'Wp' for
customization groups. What the heck is 'Wp'?
- _is_ there a way to get to the old behaviour of <Home> and <End> via
custimization groups, and if so, where?


   "Microsoft OS's are good because they encourage Intel to produce
    faster CPUs for the rest of us to run Unix on."
                                                         George Dau

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