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Re: How to automate file-opening (derived filename)?

From: Danny Dorfman
Subject: Re: How to automate file-opening (derived filename)?
Date: 8 Jan 2003 05:05:02 -0800

The thing is, there is no ONE header directory. There are several
header directories, and it would be impractical to feed the directory
every time I switch from one module to another. The macro must find
the path automatically by doing some sort of "search & replace" on the
full pathname (e.g. */src/* -> */inc/*) . I'm sorry, but I'm really
bad at e-lisp, otherwise I would have changed your macro somehow to
make it work for me...


> Emacs Lisp is not lexically scoped therefor hdr-dir can be accesses
> any time. So the base idea is that you just give it the Header
> directory once. If you later decide it should be changed you just can
> reset it with
> (setf hdr-dir nil)

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