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Re: A very simple question on SED or AWK for a GURU, possibly a lisp scr

From: gnuist006
Subject: Re: A very simple question on SED or AWK for a GURU, possibly a lisp script or emacs batch processing of many files
Date: 14 Jan 2003 00:42:05 -0800

The main group for followup to this is:
or depending on the type of solution.
I hope that I have the relevant groups for cross-posting.

Even though the problem posed in this thread is still

*** UNSOLVED ***

let me extend my gratitude to Mr Christofer and Friedrich
for their kind attempts to answer this. I hope for some
more help tonight.

Mr Friedrich's reply uses perl. I am not familiar with
this language. Also I prefer not to generate very many 
intermediate files since I have to process a large number
of them. I also want to use bash/sed/awk instead of

I can write a bash wrapper loop but what I do not know
here is how to implement the core logic of replacing an
indefinite number of forward-slashes within a pattern
of interest.

On the other hand for a lisp based solution 
I CAN write a macro or a lisp function to do the
core logic in lisp inside emacs by myself using narrow 
and widen or transient mode. But here what I do not know 
is how to load one file after another and then save it
to a new name and close that buffer. Please just show me
how to do a bunch of files in this way. I can generate the
file names like this in bash:

for i in `du -a directory | grep file.txt | sed to remove some junk from du`; do

core logic


Thanks a lot and do not forget to have fun working on
this problem. It is a little out of the way.


BTW there is a disjoint thread on this subject in
and there have been no useful replies as you can see.

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