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Newbie Conditional Problem

From: CarlC
Subject: Newbie Conditional Problem
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:19:12 GMT


I have written my first elisp function. (pause for roar of crowd). I am
getting an error while trying to process my first conditional and debug is
not helping me. This is for emacs 21.2.1.

          (let ((line (current-line)))
            (forward-word 1)
            (if (> (current-line) line) ((goto-line line) (end-of-line))))
(defun current-line ()
  "Return the vertical position of point..."
  (+ (count-lines (window-start) (point))
     (if (= (current-column) 0) 1 0)

When the if statement is true, I get an error:  Invalid function: (goto-line

Anybody? Thanks in advance.

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