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Re: New Emacs with GTK!

From: Michael Powe
Subject: Re: New Emacs with GTK!
Date: 22 Mar 2003 13:03:08 -0500
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>>>>> "Miles" == Miles Bader <address@hidden> writes:

    Miles> address@hidden (kgold) writes:

    >> I'm wondering - I use NTEmacs, presumably using the MFC GUI
    >> classes, emacs on Linux using Lesstif, and emacs on AIX using
    >> Motif.

    >> As a user (not an emacs developer), why should I carer about
    >> gtk2?

    Miles> Depends on what's important to you...

yep.  what's important to me is editing, not my "desktop theme."

    Miles> I like the GTK emacs simply because it (1) matches the look
    Miles> of other apps that use GTK (which is, at least in my case,
    Miles> many), and (2) looks much, much, much, slicker than the
    Miles> clunky-ass *tif (this of course, depends to some degree on
    Miles> your choosing a slick-looking GTK theme, though you get
    Miles> anti-aliased menus and a nicer-looking toolbar regardless
    Miles> :-).

    Miles> Some other less personal reasons might include a better
    Miles> long term viability for GTK; I expect that once the GTK
    Miles> version hits prime-time, it will get a lot more maintenance
    Miles> attention than the other versions.

actually, i doubt it.  i'm sure that there are many who, like me, do
the bulk of their editing in -- gasp -- the console.  gtk will be
worthless to us.


  Michael Powe                                 Waterbury, CT USA
"It stands to reason that self-righteous, inflexible, single-minded,
authoritarian true believers are politically organized. Open-minded,
flexible, complex, ambiguous, anti-authoritarian people would just as
soon be left to mind their own fucking business." - R.U. Sirius

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